Project Inception

Identify goals, determine team, develop design vision

Pre Construction

Finalize scope & design, budgeting, schedule


Secure permits, kickoff your build

Project Management

Resolve conflicts and adhere to the schedule

Project Close-Out

Construction completion and final delivery

Our Process

From project inception to close-out, our expert team manages the process to help our clients achieve their dreams. In the first stage, we work with you to identify your specific goals, determine the design team, and develop the design vision. As we move into the preconstruction phase, we finalize the project scope & design—keeping in mind the budget and schedule, while identifying the appropriate permits. Once construction begins, we secure the required permits, order items with long lead times, and procure the best subcontractors.

Throughout the process, we manage your project to resolve any potential conflicts, scheduling priorities, cost concerns, and quality control: we ensure the process goes smoothly for you. As we near the project close-out, we make sure all tasks have been completed to standards, train owners on new systems, and provide a close-out package with warranty.